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Double Dutch Syryp Waffles

Double Dutch Syrup Waffles
A syrup waffle is a type of cookie, consisting of a waffle cut in half with a special sweet syrup in between. After baking the waffle is cut in half, and the syrup is smeared on, then the other half is pressed on top. Syrup waffles are usually 8.5 centimeters in size, but are available in different sizes.

Clear Packaging

Clear Syrup Waffle Packaging
As shown on the picture, our syrup waffles are available in a variety of packaging. This picture is shown to give you an idea of the many ways our waffle cookies can be packaged.

Tin Syrup Waffle Cans

Tin Syrup Waffle Cans
The waffle cookie (Syrup waffles) become even more special when enclosed in one of our colorful or delft blue gift tins or our delft blue hand painted ceramics. With their beautiful pictures these would be a perfect complimentary gift or fill them with your personalized gifts of syrup waffles and strengthen your relationships.

Mini Syryp Waffles

Mini Syrup Waffles
As shown the mini waffles (mini stroopwafels) have a diameter of six centimeters (2.5 Inches) these syrup waffles are perfect for toddlers, as a quick snack between meals or with your coffee. These are available in your choice of packaging or as you see them portrayed in the picture.

Organic Waffles

Organic Syrup Waffles
We are committed to healthier living. As more consumers choose healthier lifestyles we have introduced an organic alternative to our conventional syrup waffles. Our waffles are Organic certified using only the best in organic ingredients and at the same time keeping the mouth-watering taste and crunchy texture. These waffle cookies are available in a variety of flavors.

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